In Dental practice Laan van Kronenburg children are an important group of patients.
Because their teeth are in an optimal condition its important to us to educate them to take good care
of their teeth and not to be afraid of the dentist.
Around the age of two a child has a mouth full of milk teeth therefore its a perfect time to let him
become familiar with the dental practice and the dental chair. We recommend that you take your child
twice a year for a regular check up. Setting up an example is also a great way to build up his confidence.
Studies show  that children that have cavities at a young age are afraid of the dentist, that’s why we put
a great emprises on regular maintenance, food advice and a good brushing technique.

Visiting the dental hygienist or the dentist is an excellent prevention method.
In a fun way teeth are counted (and checked at the same time… ), teeth are painted and polished
to teach good brushing methods and oral hygiene.
Its recommended for parents to brush their children’s teeth at least once a day until their 10th birthday as
studies show that kids lack the fine motor skill to brush their teeth really clean.
Even though milk teeth are temporary, having cavities hurts as much.
We aim with your assistance to have an excellent prevention program for your children’s teeth.