Our hygiene standard is extremely high. We care for you and ourselves as well by wearing uniform,
protective apparel. That includes surgical face masks, medical exam gloves and protective eyewear.
Both the dental practitioner and his/her assistant discard their gloves and surgical face masks on
completion of a treatment and put on brand-new gloves  and surgical face masks for the next patient.
All employees are vaccinated against Hepatitis B.

Instruments in treatment chambers:
There is a stringent separation between clean and used material and instruments in the treatment
chambers. The clean material is kept by the side of the dental chair. The used instruments that are
to be sterilized, are immediately placed on the other side of the separation divider in the treatment
chamber. Therefore the contact of patient, dentist and assistant with the used materials, is kept to
a minimum.

In the sterilization room the surgical instruments are autoclaved. We also desinfect the dental chair
and its surroundings. Once it’s done we refills the treatment chamber with sterilized instruments
and other materials so that the next patient may begin his treatment under optimal conditions.